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RW Sports provide products for events, sports clubs and companies acorss Ireland.

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RW Sports was created through it's sister company, MyRunResults. It was designed to cater for a growing demand for higher quality event marketing and merchandise. We work closely with our customers to identify their event needs and help create event brand awareness.

how it works

Our Process

RW Sports aim is to give the best possible experience for event organisers and participants.

Identify needs

RW Sports works closely with customers to identify event needs.

marketing, branding and design

We help market the event by providing a full branding and design service. From design and branding to event promotion.

Deliver quality

We give events a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace by supplying only the highest quality bespoke products and materials.

Any questions?


We are always striving to get you the best possible advice and value to ensure you get exactly what you need for the type of athlete/ club or event you are.

Below we provide answers to frequently asked questions. If you're unsure of anything relating to the ordering process, lead times or minimum order quantities please get in touch by contacting info@rwsports.ie

What is your minimum order quantity?
What are the lead times for custom clothing?
Can you help with design?
Are there any extra charges?
Where can I see the pricing?
What are the payment terms for bulk / club orders?
Can our club have an online shop?
What do I do if I want to return / exchange an item?